Delta Drilling truck and workers

How It All Began

While working in the industry, Steve developed a philosophy of exceptional customer service as well as a wide range of drilling experience. Our long list of satisfied and loyal customers will attest to the knowledge, experience and dedicated service provided by Steve and Delta Drilling.

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Our Commitment
At Delta Drilling, we believe that customers should always be fully informed of the progress of their homes’ and businesses’ water supply. No matter what service we provide, you will never be left in the dark about our work. Delta Drilling focuses not only one quality service, tools, and products, but on taking the mystery out of the whole process. Keeping customers educated is our goal so that you can make well-informed decisions. It’s your property – you should feel as much a part of the project as our crew.

Meet Steve Full

Delta Drilling is owned and operated by Steve Full who brings years of experience in the drilling industry to the business. Delta Drilling has worked for both commercial and domestic clients

Steve has worked in Nova Scotia’s well drilling industry for the past 20 years. He started first working small domestic projects, but moved on to being an important player in large-scale geothermal projects, wells for schools in the HRM, and commercial wells for government properties like fire departments and public parks.

Steve lives in Nova Scotia with his wife.